Graphic Design

North is collaborative. Creative. Innovative. The B.A. in graphic design degree program will help you make your creative vision rise above the rest.

At NVU at NECC, you’ll develop the skills and portfolio needed to launch your career in design. You’ll learn the principles and technical expertise of print and digital graphic design. Courses in marketing courses and graduate prepared to excel at producing advertising and communications pieces for print, multimedia, web, e-publishing, and packaging. Arts electives will be offered at the Haverhill campus.

Program Highlights

  • In your final year, gain artistic, technical, and problem-solving experience by working with real businesses on projects.
  • Build the skills employers demand, and make career connections through internship opportunities.

Career Possibilities

With a competitive portfolio when you graduate, you’ll be ready for success in a wide range of positions in advertising, graphic design, prepress services, book design, desktop publishing, marketing, and corporate communications.

Art History Renaissance to Present or International Art Experience – 3cr
International Art Experience – 3cr
Two-Dimensional Foundations – 4cr
Drawing I – 4cr
Introduction to Film Photography  – 3cr
Computer Graphics – 3cr
Digital Imaging – 3cr
Typography – 3cr
Publication Design – 3cr
Studio Lighting – 3cr
Web Design – 3cr
Motion Graphics – 3cr
Principles of Marketing – 3cr

Behavioral and Social Sciences (courses may be in either subject area) – 9cr
Humanities and Fine Arts (courses may be in either subject area) – 9cr
Natural or Physical Science (must include at least one course with a lab) – 7cr
English Composition/Writing – 6cr
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning – 3cr

Students may transfer these in from other colleges. These courses ful ll both Mass transfer and VT transfer requirements under this partnership.

Senior Thesis I – 3cr
Social Media Marketing – 3cr
Print Production – 3cr
Package Design – 3cr
Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing – 3cr
Motion Graphics II (recommended) – 3cr
Designing a Portfolio (recommended) – 3cr

Select two of the following courses:
Strategic Media Communications – 3cr
Advanced Typography – 3cr
Sales Management and Selling – 3cr