Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2017

Labor Day – NECC Campus Closed Sept. 4
Classes Begin Sept. 6
Course Drop & Add Period                                        Sept. 12
Withdrawal Period Begins Sept.
Last day to withdraw with a “W”– Session I Oct. 
Columbus Day – NECC Campus Closed Oct.  9
Session I, FINALS Day for T & Th classes is Oct.
Session II, Classes Begin Oct.
Session I Grades Due Nov.
Priority Deadline for Applying for Financial Aid Nov.
Spring Advising/Registration @NECC campus Nov.6
Full Refund for Drop of Session II Class Nov.
Last Day to Withdraw with a “W” Fall 2016 Nov.
Veterans Day – NECC Campus Closed Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Recess Begins for LSC at NECC
Nov. 22
Thanksgiving Day (NECC Campus Closed) Nov. 23
Last day to withdraw with a “W”- Session II Nov.
Last Day of Classes before Final Exams Dec.12
FINALS Period, day and evening Classes Dec.
Session II FINALS for T & Th Classes is Dec.
NECC at Lyndon Fall Semester Officially Ends Dec.19
Grades due* Dec. 23
Christmas Holiday-NECC Campus Closed Dec. 25 – 26
NECC Campus Closed for Energy Conservation Dec. 26 – Jan. 2
Grades/GPA/Academic Status Posted Dec.
New Year’s Day-NECC Campus  Closed Jan. 1 – 2

Note:  These dates refer to NVU courses being taught at Northern Essex- Lawrence campus. Campus closures as well as administrative dates match those of NECC for convenience.

For a complete Academic Calendar for NECC, please visit the NECC website.

A student may register for a course at any time prior to the first class meeting only.

For Information regarding Billing or Refunds: Lyndon Student Services Center, (802) 626-6396

For Faculty: Class rosters are available electronically through faculty self-service during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The Registrar will notify faculty electronically regarding rosters, NP rosters, and final roster submission and due dates.

*Final grade rosters must be submitted through the faculty web-on-line product. Final Grades MUST BE submitted by noon December 23rd in the fall and May 17th in the spring.